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Streaming Link For Other System Players?

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I'm a Linux user, but I'm sure there's lots of other programs that could gain similar functionality. Basically, a link that would allow something like Clementine (for Linux), Winamp, VLC, maybe iTunes, to stream Radio Rivendell from within that player. Also, this would allow the media control keys on most keyboards to work with the player, rather than hunting for the browser to pause! In fact, this used to exist, I think? I was playing Radio Rivendell out of my cmus linux music player for a long time until it stopped working. Basically, .pls or .m3u files generally seemed to work well, with the file sending the streaming music link to the player.

Updated 12 February 2023 (23:44)

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Hi! Sorry for my absence! I've been swamped with life and stuff 😅 You should be able to tune in directly to our streams, try these:
Friggin Lord Elrond!