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I just submitted Radio Rivendell to Nokia's Internet Radio directory. I had received an invitation from them earlier but didn't do it until now. There won't probably be that many possible listeners yet (you need one of Nokias latest models N95, N91 or N82 to tune in). But it will be an interesting thing to try out. Mobile devices is the future

So, if any of you guys have one of these models, check for Radio Rivendell in the radio directory. It should be listed under soundtracks. But it will take a couple of days for it to be processed.

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Wow! Now will have to nag the head stooge for one! Need a new phone anyway! Don't know if I will get it, but I will have a lot of fun being a real *B*Witch until I get it!

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I signed up our favorite station for Nokia's Internet radio program. So we SHOULD be listed in their directory. Does anyone have a N95 (or similar) plus their new Internet Radio software installed to check this out?

This is the info:

Channel name Radio Rivendell

Channel description The Fantasy Station

Short description The only radio station plays fantasy music 24-7.

Genre Soundtracks/Musicals/Theatre

Streaming URL

Codec AAC+

Bitrate (kb/sec) 48

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Nope, but it's a goooood improvement!!

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This just fell into my mailbox, looks like we are on the air!

Dear Broadcaster,

You (recently) expressed interest in adding your station to the Nokia Internet Radio Service.

We are pleased to inform you that your internet radio station is live in the Nokia Internet Radio service and your station is available to all Nokia Internet Radio enabled mobile devices.

To download the Internet Radio application for free to compatible Nokia devices or to learn more about the service, please visit:

For more information about the full Nokia Music offering, visit:

Thank you for being a part of the Nokia Internet Radio family.

Best regards,

Nokia Internet Radio Team

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Oooh, nice.

Works perfectly on my E71

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good work, as ever Lord're the only one and our dear admin worried about RR success around the world

seriously now...great job Anders.

the possibility of listening Radio Rivendell from mobile devices is simply incredible and fantastic improvement

Thanks also to Nokia of course

it's completely free ??? or you need pay some class of monthly fee or something???

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Great to hear that it works!

I only have Sony Ericsson phones and this doesn't work there.

Tuning in is free and accessible for all, but when it comes to money I think it's up to your operator to set the price. It would be preferred if you have a flat rate agreement or you might end up broke.

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