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Let The Listener Select The Server

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When I listen RR I normally change the server because server 13 sound cuts. So I have found my self pushing the change server button many times until a server that I can listen is selected (for example server 21 in Germany). It could be very good that you can press the server info button (for example) and a list of available servers appear so you can choose the one that you want to listen. Also if this preference can be saved so the next time I play RR with my user login it is selected by default, will be very good for me.
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This is an excellent idea! I have thought about that one myself. Sometimes you want to connect to a favourite. I will put this on my "to do" list. This reminds me to continue the work on the new layout on Rivendell. I want to update most parts and rewrite some other parts of the site. The radio player is one of them. I will also let the server owners pick a name for their server so we don't need to refer to them as a number as we do today.
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