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Thorn the Wanderer
(Level 1)
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Greetings from Canada, everyone. As a fantasy enthusiast and writer, I find myself listening to radio rivendell a fair amount.

King (Level 30)
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Welcome, Thorn! Glad to hear you are enjoying the site!

W. R. Frady
Footman (Level 13)
3096 XP

Welcome, Thorn. I look forward to reading some of your stories should you post any of them.

I am a writer based in the foothills of North Carolina, specializing in Gothic Horror and Fantasy. Though I do play around with some Science Fiction.

Footman (Level 13)
2806 XP

Greetings Thorn the Wanderer, and welcome!

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Hobo (Level 1)
14 XP

Hello to everyone and welcome!

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