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Good morning, fellows.

My name is Elelith (or in RL Juliane), I am from Southern Germany (near Heidelberg), where I live with my fiancé. We are both avid board gamers (Fantasy and Sci-Fi-themed games are our favorites) and sometimes we do also RPG (The Dark Eye "Das Dunkle Auge" ). During our fantasy themed board game sessions (Descent 2nd Ed., Legends of Andor) we listen to Radio Rivendell.

I just intended to "sign in" here with my standard mail address but was surprised that I already had an account. My registration is so long ago I didn't even remember when I did it (I think it was sometime around 2002 or 2003 ) - when the hype around TLotR movies was still up), but I never introduced myself in the Forums.

My favorite literature is High Fantasy - I am currently reading The Tawny Man Trilogy by Robin Hobb - and it's pure love for Robin's writing style and her great sense of storytelling. Or as G.R.R. Martin said: "Fantasy as it ought to be written." (And I still wonder why he doesn't abide to this sentence himself... I both loved and hated "Song of Ice and Fire" due to the killings of so many popular figures and the gory scenes. "Tarantino in Wonderland" as I call him now. "Sorry-Shoutout" to all GRRM and GoT fans here Just not my cup of tea.)

I also love to draw and paint, my most loved medium are Copics (Nah, I don't do Mangas), Watercolor, Pencils, Polychromos and Pastels. Who might have guessed? Yeah - Fantasy-themed

My other hobbies are singing, cooking with my darling, watching movies and TV-shows (yeah Netflix! good to know you), meet our friends (and play board games with them )

So, here I am now.

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Welcome, Elelith...or I should say welcome back! Thank you for sharing your literature tastes and your hobbies. It's been quite awhile since I've been able to do many of my hobbies, as I've been attending college/university rather steadily for three years, now (just two more to go). But I have a lot of experience with RPGs (I was alive before AD&D 1st edition was released). For the longest time, I preferred RPGs and computer games over reading literature. But I've become more well read as I've gotten older. I also enjoy quite a bit of nonfiction, particularly concerning ancient history, technology (especially thoughts on the future), and real crime and investigative techniques. For literature, I'm quite picky because I have to invest so much time. I generally prefer fantasy, science fiction, or mystery, but I'll read about anything if it keeps my interest.

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Well met Elelith, I share many similar hobbies as yourself, especially RPG's though I've never tried those you have mentioned. As funny as it sounds, I get an odd look when I tell people that I'm into fantasy yet I'm not a G. R.R. Martin fan or a Song of Fire and Ice fan, but as you said, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I would love to see some of your artwork. I am looking forward to getting an XP-Pen pen display so that I can take some of my own artwork to the digital level and share it with my readers and friends. I also love high fantasy, but also love sword &sorcery fantasy, some science fiction, Gothic Horror, and historical fantasy. One of the things that I believe that modern/contemporary fantasy is missing is the knight's quest, something I would love to bring back in my own tales. As Truthseer stated, Welcome Back.

I am a writer based in the foothills of North Carolina, specializing in Gothic Horror and Fantasy. Though I do play around with some Science Fiction.

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Thank you both for the warm welcome.

@W.R. Frady: My forums avatar is drawn by me (with Copic markers). It completely started with a sketch of a unicorn on scrappy paper, not even made for alcoholic markers.