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New member introductions
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Hello, all! I had no idea anything like this existed... My job banned youtube at work, so I started looking for other places to find good music, and wow... I don't think I'm ever going back to youtube again. To introduce myself, I'm Dakota Caldwell. Public Notice proofer by day, diaper-changer by night, and fantasy author any time I can find free time. So happy to have found this community!
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Welcome, Glyphrunner! I had been playing roleplaying games for quite some time before a friend of mine introduced me to Radio Rivendell...about 8 years ago or so. haha It used to be a ton more active in the forums, but it sounds like Lord Elrond might have something new in store for us in the not-too-distant future. In any case, the radio is working and that is a good thing. I am a full-time worker, college student (used to do full-time but finally calmed that down), and father of two I know allll about the diapers.
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Very welcome Glyprunner! Also a diaper-changer, but mainly by every other day. As Truthseer mentions, I have things in store for the site in the near future. We definitely need a little reboot! Very welcome again, enjoy the music and the site, and feel free to hang around and ask us anything!
Friggin Lord Elrond!