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Never Trust A Goblin!

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Lord Alexedrik
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Greetings, townspeople of Radio Rivendell!

My name is Alex Werner, I'm an artist, I'm 35 years old and I live in Leipzig, Germany. My main project right now is a fantasy story called 'Goblin's Pike' which follows a young knight called Yannik who is exploring new territory. I've also released a new album for the first two chapters and the reason why I have come here to steal your precious time.

First off to Elrond: Here's a link with the radio edit of my album in a zip-file. The music is licensed with Creative Commons Attribution, so feel free to use it in whatever way you see fit (and thank you for your cool platform by the way):

Then there's my new trailer for the story on Youtube so you can get a feel of the general direction that it's all taking:

And lastly here is the link to the story itself (the entire album can be downloaded on my homepage as well, except for the radio compilation):

Well, that is all for my introduction, good Sirs and Ladies. Have a lovely time! And never trust a Goblin. Really...they are not trustworthy.


PS: My general Homepage-Address:

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Hello, Alex! It is wonderful to see such creative endeavors...especially when the goal is the creation itself to be experienced by others. That is the true spirit of a world builder. I wish you the best of luck with Goblins Pike and all of your future works!
Lord Alexedrik
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Thank you Truthseer! It is the overall experience that counts, absolutely. I hope the gods will favour my project in the long run (without...animal sacrifice preferably).