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I'm Xavier, a French Composer, aged 32, I usually go by the name of Mrkzv as a composer.

I'm fond of fantasy/fanstactic universes, mainly : movies, music, video games and table top games (DnD, deckbuilding game, Magic The Gathering, ...)

I've been making music for many years in different style, my first instrument was a guitar and I played in small & unknown metal bands.

Since this summer I decided to fullfil a long time dream : compose cinematic and orchestral music. My wife has been listening to rivendell for quite a while.

The fantasy influence is major in my music, and complete it with my specific style/mood/way to compose and orchestrate.

I'll be sharing my music in the right section after completing this intro

Cheers !

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Pleased to meet you, Xavier, I enjoy your music style...very close to the epic feel I like in my preferred type of fantasy music. I wish you much success!

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Welcome Xavier. We're very glad to have you here.

Slave (Level 3)
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Hi !

Thank you both of you for your kind welcome !

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W. R. Frady
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Well Met, Mrkzv,

I love cinematic orchestral music and look forward to hearing the music you have to share. Best wishes on your pursuit!

I am a writer based in the foothills of North Carolina, specializing in Gothic Horror and Fantasy. Though I do play around with some Science Fiction.