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2nd Lieutenant (Level 18)
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this is the best thing on the internet, Love it.

Hobo (Level 1)
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Greetings all!

My name is Emrah. I've just discovered this site today "yes, too late =)" and I'm glad to be a member.

Thanks Elrond and the Rivendell crew!

Master Sergeant (Level 17)
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Welcome, Emrah!

(Level 1)
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Hello there, i've been listening to Radio Rivendell for years, I love it, so glad it's back.

Slave (Level 3)
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I just discovered this site yesterday, thanks to a YouTube comment posted on a video that was done by one of the artists on here and I'm so glad that I saw that comment. This is a writer's/fantasy lover's paradise. I hope the site stays around for a long time, as I'm probably going to be listening daily from here on out.

Sergeant (Level 16)
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Welcome, Thurinith!

Champion (Level 24)
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Welcome, Thurinith! I'm glad to see the new listeners, as I'd like to see the forums and participation pick up!

James StarRunner
Yeoman (Level 10)
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Hey there Thurinith! Hope you find great inspiration from the music here and friendship from the forums. ^_^

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Hobo (Level 1)
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Where are you from, Anders?