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Hi there,

My name is Pierpaolo(alias Dagma) i'm 35 years old and i'm from Italy , i was told about this great site by KNJRA on Soundcloud. I'm a producer/composer i produced many remixes/bootleg official &unofficial.It's a hobby not job,I'm apologize for my english (not perfect). I'm still learning how to work on this gender. I''ve been producing "epic music" for only a short amount of time and I still need to practice in order to reach a good production level. I llove dance music, epic orchestral , music score with hybrid electronic/orchestral. I use Studio One for my production (at 2 months) but i come from Flstudio (since 2001).

I love fantasy music,movie and games (Lineage2)

This are my official channel :





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A dedicated gamer and would be writer based out of Wisconsin, United States of America.

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Welcome Dagma,

nice to see that you found your way to this realm. I've been listening to some of your tracks and I think that your orchestral work would really fit in here - we would appreciate it!


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Welcome Dagma

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Thanks Guys My pleasure.

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Greetings everyone, I am an avid fantasy enthusiast, and I love music. I am extremely happy with what I have seen of this place so far.

thanks everyone.