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Rolequest Manager (Tool For Rpg Table Gaming Online Developed By Israel)

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Helloooo Elrond and Friends of old Times in Radio Rivendell, finnally i back here after some years busy doing things and playing online to some games.... How are you all?? I come here for giving news about a development im doing in Rad Studio C++ Builder for RPG Online Gaming Our Discord Channel: a Capture of the Interface of RoleQuest Manager:

Updated 10 December 2022 (15:21)

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Welcome back, Israel! Can you give an overview of your game? I'm not on Discord much anymore, but I am interested in new development in the RPG realm!
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Welcome back Israel! Long time no hear! Glad you are back! So is this a manager for online roleplaying games, or is it a game of its own?
Friggin Lord Elrond!