Getting on the air

Yes, that's right! Radio Rivendell is always looking for more music to supply to its listeners. So if you are a composer or band composing fantasy or soundtrack music and want to spread your music through Rivendell, please give us details of your existence and we'll make the world know of you! Please read the submission rules below!

When sending us your music provide good and clear information. We love to give as much information on our artists and their releases as possible, everything will be displayed you artist and album pages.

Submission rules

In order to speed things up and to correctly quote the track, album and composer when playing the music you must follow a few rules. If you don't follow these rules your submission will probably just be dropped.

  • We're a radio dedicated to playing mostly instrumental tracks, in the typical mood and genre as film and game soundtracks. No pop or metal for example
  • Only submit your own original compositions
  • We accept MP3-format, at least 128kbit stereo, but preferably 192kbit or better
  • Only full and finished tracks, we don't want any "work in progress". We also only want songs that are complete with intro and outro, e.g no snippets or loopable music. If your track is not yet finished, finish it before sending it in!

  • All files should be named in this manner " - .mp3", for example "01 - My fabulous track.mp3".
  • All tracks should be properly tagged with artist name, album, song title, track number (if applicable) as well as year the song was released. See ID3 tags on on Wikipedia.
  • Tracks should not exceed 5 minutes. We reserve the right to crop and fade long tracks. So if you want to have full control over your tracks, supply us with "radio edits".
  • Also attach album artwork, artist picture, links to shops, website, Soundcloud, MySpace etc. Don't forget a short biography!
  • Use either your own site (or file sharing services such as Dropbox or similar) and provide complete albums, artwork, tracklists, biography etc if you want. Use as the recipient address when sending files.

Submission policy

When it comes to what we play, we have our standards and ambitions, see below. We will announce all new music in the news section when adding new music. If your music don't make it to the radio you will unfortunately not be notified.

  • We play fantasy music, think elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons, epic battles and film and game soundtracks. We're not playing fantasy metal, but can stretch to celtic and certain folk songs. Currently we also prefer instrumentals as vocal tracks don't go too well with roleplaying and similar sessions.
  • We reserve the right to chose which tracks to play, according to above. We need to keep the music consistent, we wouldn't want to disrupt the fantasy feeling or writer's zone with a metal or techno track in the middle of it all
  • All music will be rated and commented on by the community
  • If your track get a too low score (below 2.5 from 10 or more total votes) it will be removed
  • You will keep all the rights to the music and you can be removed upon request if needed
  • Radio Rivendell will not spread you music in any other form than through the radio or links to official sites
  • The more information you give us (biography, artwork, webpage, Soundcloud, Facebook, download links, etc) the better publicity for you!

When you have all you need just click the button below and post your submission. We will listen to everything that is received but we cannot promise to play anything. We reserve the right to pick and choose what we feel is good for the radio. Good luck!

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