The Bards Guild is where all Composers of the Fantasy Genre can unite! Somewhere they can gather to share secret knowledge, offer tips and helpful advice on the creation of Fantasy Music, and work together on various projects for upcoming songs and albums for the Radio of Rivendell and its fine community.

You may contact the Guild Master Conjurer to offer your services to the Guild if you are a Composer, or if you are a listener you may request help with anything music related, or even request a personal song.

Here at the Bards Guild of Radio Rivendell we offer the best in musical service for free. Enjoy.

***The Bards Guild are now RECRUITING! We Need You! Calling all Composers of the Fantasy/Soundtrack Genre! If you are as dedicated and devoted to the Fantasy Genre as we are, then contact the Guild Master Conjurer immediately. We need Composers to join The Bards Guild to help with future Projects for Radio Rivendell, and the current "Third Compilation" project. It's all about working together, fighting dragons and slaying trolls, and playing the lute, amongst other things.

So Join Today, it is your destiny!***


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