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  • Even more music!

    Even more music!

    11 April, 2014 • Elrond0 comments

    Today I bring you over 80 new tracks! This time it's tracks by Elvya Dulcimer, Erang, Everlasting Dream, Brandon and Derek Fiechter, Hetoreyn and Richard John S.

  • More music, finally!

    More music, finally!

    10 April, 2014 • Elrond1 comments

    Today I've added 33 new tracks! Here's what you get in today's batch, more to come a little later! Vault of Oblivion – Volume 1 by X-Score Nevrast by AinulindaleĢˆ Dustin Nägel

  • Latest donations

    Latest donations

    9 April, 2014 • Elrond0 comments

    The latest donations comes from OneBlueSky and Domenico Salciccia, thanks guys!

  • Last weeks donations

    Last weeks donations

    27 March, 2014 • Elrond2 comments

    Lord Elrond is back after his vacation in India and he's very grateful for the last two donations from EarlSiegfried and Dietmar Müller. Thanks guys! Donate today!

  • SSL certificate corrected + some stuff

    SSL certificate corrected + some stuff

    1 March, 2014 • Elrond0 comments

    Finally, we've gotten our SSL certificate installed and things should work without security warnings again. I've also finally corrected the commenting bug in the webplayer so you now will be able to comment on tracks. Just click the "commenting balloon"!

  • New SSL certificate to come!

    New SSL certificate to come!

    20 February, 2014 • Elrond3 comments

    As some of you might have noticed, our SSL certificate has expired, I have a new one and I just need to get it installed on the server. So nothing is really broken on the site, it just might look as if security has been broken. Fear not, everything works as usual and hopefully soon you won't see that pesky security warning. Sorry for the trouble!