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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

06:02Absolute ForceJoey Newman
05:59TravellerBran Brother
05:56Realm of Shadows SpotifyMidnight Syndicate
05:53Steampunk RomanceX-Score
05:49Roads Shaded by Green EavesKirill Pokrovsky
05:44Trotto SpotifyAngels of Venice
05:41Gold And GloryErdenstern
05:38Schindluder SpotifyUmnachter
05:36Freie LandeOrkpack
05:34Rising PlainsSean Beeson
05:33A Far East Dream SpotifyGlorian
05:29Gemstone Caves SpotifyDerek Fiechter
05:28No Turning BackGregory Bakay
05:25Ashes of the MountainThe Slanted Room
05:21Looking for Life on Stars SpotifyKaren Altman
05:18A Journey To The NorthIska
05:16Dreaming of Bag EndBran Brother
05:13Ques Tolgues es Tengues SpotifyEls Berros de la Cort
05:09On The RoadKai Rosenkranz
05:06Die Göttin der AmazonenErdenstern
05:04Open RoadDavid John
05:02Journey SpotifyElane
04:59Ruins of the Sky CityLindar Olostur
04:58RivendellPriscilla Hernandez
04:54Riding the PlainsBill Brown And Jamie Christopherson
04:43Sirena Enchanted SpotifyArkane
04:39Be Thou My Vision SpotifyJoey Curtin
04:37The City Of HopeHannu Honkonen
04:35Beorn Crushes BolgRod Abernethy & Dave Adams
04:34Summoning The LegionsCity of the Fallen
04:30AlleluiaEnsemble La Volta
04:28SwampKai Rosenkranz
04:24The Mermaid Part I - The StormHelen Trevillion
04:20Hounted Grounds SpotifyGlorian
04:19Trine Trailer Theme SpotifyAri Pulkkinen
04:13Divine DivinityKirill Pokrovsky
04:11Change In ColorsLost Kingdom
04:09Roanue Fights SpotifyLaura Olson
04:06Ritual of the Tree SpiritsTales of the Boatman
04:04Beyond The CloudsSean Beeson
04:00Sancta Inquisitio SpotifyCristiano Filippini
03:58Drowned LovePaul Spaeth
03:56Jaunty Playful FoolishSophie Lichtenstein
03:51Travelling the StarsConjurer
03:47Dark ElvesBrandon Fiechter
03:46Farewells at the Edge of the WorldMattias Westlund
03:40The New World SpotifyThe Slanted Room
03:37Mermaid PrincessDerek Fiechter