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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowRise of WindaleSean Beeson
14:06A Swashbuckler's FanfareDustin Nägel
14:01Divine DivinityKirill Pokrovsky
13:57One Last Time SpotifyElane
13:54Secret GardenEssence
13:42Two Worlds CollideX-Score
13:38Broken World SpotifyGareth Meek
13:32At the Gates of Babylon SpotifyAntti Martikainen
13:27Out Of SteamErdenstern
13:23The Last JourneyJulia Okrusko
13:18Chapter 2 : March to victory SpotifyEverlasting Dream
13:15TitanEpic Soul Factory
13:14Pulsefire TrailerPraeco
13:11God Save The KegBlackmore's Night
13:01Haleth and HaldarFrancisco Nogueiras
12:58The Lion InnChronicles of Empire
12:54Into the DarknessBalaghan
12:53Tavern 10Glorian
12:49Traveling MinstrelsMattias Westlund
12:48The Dunadain PrevailsRob Westwood
12:42Cut And ThrustErdenstern
12:38Stirring Leaves SpotifyKaren Altman
12:35Continuing the quest SpotifyHetoreyn
12:31Die Erben der SchöpfungErdenstern
12:29Eala Earendel SpotifyThe Fellowship
12:24Spiders Savor A Succulent Fleshfeast SpotifyMake-Believe Machines
12:16Autumn Renaissance, Op.1 SpotifyPatrick Walters
12:13Dive BarErdenstern
12:10Life or DeathRichard J Durand
12:08Morning Breaks of RondohNFlavour
12:00Dagor BragollachDrachenfeuer
11:58The Forest or Love ThemeAveril 'Tincolindo' White
11:55Gil-galadKaterina Schwarzerova
11:51Shadow WarlockNemuer
11:48Sir GalahadDerek & Brandon Fiechter
11:44CrematoriaZa Frûmi
11:41Avatar of the GoddessSascha Dikiciyan, Chris Velasco
11:38Theme to "Journey into Dementia"Midnight Syndicate
11:32Fellowship Of The RingsBrobdingnagian Bards
11:28The Great MarchMarkus Holler
11:26The WarlordSean Beeson
11:21I Build Myself A HouseJoran Elane
11:16The Reflecting PoolAngels of Venice
11:12The Cleansing (Act 1)Za Frûmi
11:10Guillaume 'Spiky' MULLER / Hilltop Asylum (Part I)Spiky
11:07CaravanRobert Euvino
11:03It Lives! SpotifyMidnight Syndicate
11:00I Warned You This Would Happen SpotifyLaura Olson