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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowThe Gardens Of ElysiaSimon W. Autenrieth
22:28The First War and the Spring of ArdaFrancisco Nogueiras
22:27Silent HopeTurbine, Inc.
22:25Lobart's FarmKai Rosenkranz
22:22Voices From The Past SpotifyGlorian
22:17CitizensAndreas Waldetoft
22:15The Final Confrontation SpotifyAntti Martikainen
22:10No survivors SpotifyHetoreyn
22:08Straight into AmbushEssence
22:04Travelling the Stars (Remake)Conjurer
21:54Voyage of the Sea WitchAngels of Venice
21:49Flight Over Venice 1 SpotifyJesper Kyd
21:47Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra DemoMattias Westlund
21:46Lute Song at Twilight SpotifyRichard Altenbach
21:41Under an Old TreeRobert Euvino
21:36The Old TowerBjorn Lynne
21:33LoyalistsJoseph G. Toscano (Zhaytee)
21:29Age Of AdventureErdenstern
21:26CenwenDynamedion SoundDesign
21:24SunflowerKirill Pokrovsky
21:21Celtic LoreEdgen
21:19Combat In The LonelandsRod Abernethy & Dave Adams
21:15Timber TownBrandon Fiechter
21:13Crystal (Everlasting Dream Version)Everlasting Dream
21:10Guillaume 'Spiky' MULLER / The Thingumabob (Part II)Spiky
21:06The forbidden ChamberOrkpack
21:02A Storm is ComingX-Score
21:01Sonic AwakeningPraeco
20:58Last JourneyLyubomir Yordanov
20:49Shadow Ninja SpotifyBrandon Fiechter
20:40A Distant CallWill Van De Crommert
20:35The Inner Beauty of EvilRob Meijer
20:32The Secret of the MountainEichstaedt
20:22Epic AdventureSean Beeson
20:19Solace in the AftermathAdam Speck
20:15The FactoryErdenstern
20:12The Killing of AlqualondeFrancisco Nogueiras
20:07Legions of Rome Andreas Waldetoft
20:05Jester's TearEssence
20:03Deep Sea SpotifyLyubomir Yordanov
20:01Dark ForestKai Rosenkranz
19:56Trotto SpotifyAngels of Venice
19:53The DúnedainTurbine, Inc.
19:51Heavenly BodiesTincolindo
19:48SantoaderiZmei Gorinich
19:43Shadows of the PastBran Brother
19:41Bushido (no choir)Novem Music
19:37Ordo AsomirZa Frûmi