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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowShadowfax SpotifyBrobdingnagian Bards
07:37Mystical SpiritDenny Schneidemesser
07:34Tales by the FireXenobioz
07:28The Sword of the Rose part 2Cristiano Filippini
07:27Midnight GardenZmei Gorinich
07:22The Divine Smith SpotifyPal Zoltan Illes
07:21Save This WorldEpic North
07:17King MirazAveril 'Tincolindo' White
07:11The Painted SailsDavid Arkenstone
07:08Fallen HeroConjurer
07:05Once Upon a Time SpotifyDavutus
06:58Galadriel's SongPavel Fomitchov
06:55Battle ThemeLukas Deuschel
06:50DianaDavid Arkenstone
06:46Cold SteelErdenstern
06:43Auf zu neuen Abenteuern!Erdenstern
06:40Awaken The Dragons SpotifyAndy Grall
06:36Long Expected PartyElwing
06:33PrayersEpic Soul Factory
06:30Autumnal LullabyErang
06:26The ShipErdenstern
06:23Boss EnemyLukas Deuschel
06:18Journey HomeErdenstern
06:13To Valhalla! (Excerpt)Antti Martikainen
06:10Journey to the UnderworldJon Adamich
06:07Morning in the Celtic HillsPhantawalker
06:03Carriage Ride SpotifyMidnight Syndicate
06:02The BattleWilbert Roget II
06:00Suspicious ForrestSimon W. Autenrieth
05:55Peaceful MomentsAdam Skorupa
05:53A Ships JourneyAlex Werner
05:50Edge Of Phantasm SpotifyGareth Meek
05:40Guillaume 'Spiky' MULLER & Fran├žois 'Varenfel' BREY / Scarecrow VillageSpiky
05:35Darkness Falls In Florence SpotifyJesper Kyd
05:33A Wind of AlerothKirill Pokrovsky
05:25In the King's GardensKirill Pokrovsky
05:21The Rising Sun of OstiaLukas Deuschel
05:19The Wyvern Crown of CormyrDavid John
05:15Trolls Leave the MountainsMarkus Holler
05:13Back to the ShirePatrice Deceuninck
05:10New DawnEssence
05:08Desert ChaseMattias Westlund
05:03Minas MorgulElwing
05:01Ballad DanceNiels Eggert Benzon
04:59ClavisBran Brother
04:56Thorin & the Dwarves SpotifyFraser Purdie
04:48Where Men Dare Not TreadDronolan's Tower
04:41The Emperor's StandKirill Pokrovsky