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NowPart VIIIPhanatos
05:16Our Haunting PastMetalRenard
05:13The Walk of the Mourning DeadThe Light of Shadows
05:06A View from the Hills SpotifyDavutus
05:02The Call of The Heart SpotifyDavutus
04:59Stalking the MountainsSean Beeson
04:55Ann'VatuElvya Dulcimer
04:54HammerhandTurbine, Inc.
04:46Too LateAchazia
04:43A Special Place SpotifyDavid Arkenstone
04:41The Troll - Arador's FateKevin Webster
04:38Villain's ThemeAveril 'Tincolindo' White
04:37Event VIIIHalindir
04:33Mystic EchoesQuest for Glory
04:27Mazurka No. 2Saul Dzorelashvili
04:24Adagio in F majorAngels of Venice
04:18Our Lady of Endor CovenRob Meijer
04:14Demona's RunKirill Pokrovsky
04:07Day of DaysPaul Houseman
03:59Love Declared SpotifyDavutus
03:56BigfootVinnie Johnson
03:52La Suite MeurtrereVox Vulgaris
03:49Back at HomeBalaghan
03:44A Bright Dark SkyRob Meijer
03:42The Funeral MarchAlex Lambrino
03:41RuinsA Moment of Reflection
03:40A New Hope is BornAdam Langston
03:37Scherzo del CadutoJoe Griffith
03:33Love SongSaul Dzorelashvili
03:31Through the Looking GlassDevastat
03:28Never Give UpGregory Bakay
03:26A Forest GladeJon Adamich
03:21Lush LandsHalindir
03:17Forthcoming StormZmei Gorinich
03:13A Conspriring NightSean Beeson
03:11Orcs ApproachAdam Langston
03:06The Wanderer Meets the PrincessSaul Dzorelashvili
03:05Misterioso ThemeCharlotte Bax
02:57Spring - End of Winter, A Magical BeginningMark Winter
02:55Wonderground CityPeter Lukacs
02:50A Glimmer in the NorthTurbine, Inc.
02:46The Creeping GloomTurbine, Inc.
02:45Battle Music 1Alex Lambrino
02:38Legend No. 4Saul Dzorelashvili
02:33Vaults of StoneTurbine, Inc.
02:31Worlds CollideManFighterMusic
02:30A Little GIO and GPO LoveRichard John S
02:27Following the Master SpotifyGianmarco Leone