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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowAn Eislian's TaleDenny Schneidemesser
14:42The End of DarknessFrancisco Nogueiras
14:31Faraway (Excerpt)Antti Martikainen
14:28Archangel IIConjurer
14:24The Great BattleLost Kingdom
14:22Fire and IceCity of the Fallen
14:18Aragorn's Quest (Trailer 1)Chris Bouchard
14:15Spur 9Mantle of Dust
14:10Riding the PlainsBill Brown And Jamie Christopherson
14:07Venice Escape SpotifyJesper Kyd
14:03Centaur War SpotifyBrandon Fiechter
13:54Song 26Dynamedion SoundDesign
13:53Track 03Kai Rosenkranz
13:50Lost Light OvertureGianmarco Leone
13:48Spirit Of Damascus SpotifyJesper Kyd
13:43Forever Gone But Never LostErang
13:38Among UsDaniel Wiersma
13:35The Killing of AlqualondeFrancisco Nogueiras
13:34CryptKai Rosenkranz
13:31In The HarbourErdenstern
13:27What We SeeHetoreyn
13:22Angry WizardQuest for Glory
13:19Contemplation SpotifyKaren Altman
13:15WildsSean Beeson
13:12March to Glory SpotifyEpic Soul Factory
13:09Concentration Of TroopsErdenstern
13:05Incantus Magicus SpotifyJohn Debney
13:02In The DoldrumsErdenstern
12:53Bunyan's CaveMidnight Syndicate
12:51Fire and BloodTurbine, Inc.
12:48Tavern Song 4Balaghan
12:46Le Portique de MusiqueKhuskan
12:43Majestic SpotifyKaren Altman
12:38Journey to the MountainsWilliam Kersten
12:36Dire newsEssence
12:32Requiem SpotifyMidnight Syndicate
12:30Ocean Depths SpotifyAndy Grall
12:29Attack TeamSmirnov Nickolay
12:24Fenrir's Magic Chain SpotifyLaura Olson
12:21Travel South SpotifyAndreas Waldetoft
12:18Over the Northern MountainsMattias Westlund
12:15War and PeaceKirill Pokrovsky
12:11The Pyramid FortressX-Score
12:06Forgotten LandNovem Music
12:01Journey (Dreams of Flight)Denny Schneidemesser
11:59Theme for a Thorn SpotifyHetoreyn