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Our last played songs are now listed here again! Times are displayed in Central European Time (CET), which means GMT +1.

NowDana and the Field of Sunflowers SpotifyPsicodreamics
04:30Footprints On The SeaGnomusy
04:26Snow CreaturesErdenstern
04:18Realm of ShadowDronolan's Tower
04:13Enchanted ForestAnabasis
04:11The Lesser of Two EvilsAdam Skorupa
04:06Fall of the Dreaming City (Excerpt)Francisco Nogueiras
04:03Crystal MountainNFlavour
04:00Auf zu neuen Abenteuern!Erdenstern
03:54The Cult of the Great EyeZa Frûmi
03:52AwakeningHelen Trevillion
03:50RebornKirill Pokrovsky
03:47Black Woods SpotifyMidnight Syndicate
03:43Ruins of The Perished SpotifyAri Pulkkinen
03:41Harpy 2Robert Euvino
03:37S.T.U.M.P.s Meet BunyanMidnight Syndicate
03:36The PassageFiresea
03:32AirKeith Zizza
03:30Swamp NightsKai Rosenkranz
03:26The Sea of the Irish DreamBeltaine
03:22Dark DungeonDerek & Brandon Fiechter
03:17El baileSoriano
03:12Revolutions GefluesterOrkpack
03:09Song without Words No. 1 in E majorSaul Dzorelashvili
03:06PrologueJulia Okrusko
03:00The World We Know Will BurnAchazia
02:59Deadlands of RolandiaOmri Lahav
02:57Land of EternitySean Beeson
02:53Breaking the ChainsMattias Westlund
02:47Fallen Shackles Of A Weathered Jouster SpotifyMake-Believe Machines
02:43Starry Ballet SpotifyKaren Altman
02:41Dancing MonkeysDavutus
02:36The Reflecting PoolAngels of Venice
02:28City of Sails SpotifyMidnight Syndicate
02:26Hearts in AtlantisEpic Soul Factory
02:23My First Song SpotifyEichstaedt
02:20Freie LandeOrkpack
02:16Victory at Scandaren SpotifyDavutus
02:14The Blood Pledge SpotifyJoey Newman
02:08Tara's Tragic DeathRichard J Durand
02:07Enchanted Forest SpotifyGianmarco Leone
02:04Desert SpotifyFrancesco Siano
02:00Requiem MiraglianoGargrim the Liar
01:57Halloween TownDerek Fiechter
01:54As It Once WasMartin Emes
01:46Song 25Dynamedion SoundDesign
01:40Forget the Lands of DawnJule Konrad
01:36Home Of The Brotherhood SpotifyJesper Kyd
01:30The Gift SpotifyPsicodreamics