Winners - 2009

This is our fifth year of our annual Fantasy Awards - The event where we and our community picks the best fantasy events of the year! We're sorry it took so much time this time around, but we'll promise next year will be quicker! This year we've reduced the categories a little from last year.

The voting was done by our community and anyone can join for free. So why don't you sign up now and join in on picking the best fantasy events from 2010? Do you produce fantasy music? Why don't you suggest yourself to our independet awards?

The First RingThe First Ring Tolkien Music Compilation

Best Fantasy Album

Produced by Fabien Simonetti, "The First Ring" includes independent artists such as Uruk-Hai, Galadhrim, Balrog, Jim Kirkwood and many more.

Other nominees: Into the Grey - Erdenstern, Two Worlds - Anabasis & Gargrim the Liar, World of Omnia - Omnia


Dragon Age: Origins"Dragon Age: Origins" by Inon Zur

Best Game Soundtrack

Other nominees: Assassin's Creed 2 - Jesper Kyd, Trine - Ari Pulkkinen, Divinity II - Ego Dragonis - Kirill Pokrovsky




Best Independent Composer

Other nominees: Pontus Rufelt, Immundus, Rob Westwood


Born of Hope"Born of Hope Trailer" by Rob Westwood

Best Song by Independent Composer

Other nominees: Olive's Branch (The Procession) - Solitary Muse, A New World - Pontus Rufelt, The Last Seadragon - Reiner Struck



Legend of the Seeker"Legend of the Seeker" by Joseph DoLuca

Best Soundtrack for TV or Film

Other nominees: The Tudors: Season 2 - Trevor Morris, The Twilight Saga: New Moon - Alexandre Desplat, Dragonball Evolution - Brian Tyler





Lord Elrond's Council Award

Lady Maven is one of our oldest registered members (she's not old, she's just been around since 2004) and she's still as active and helpful as always. Always lending a hand, helping out with this and that, and we have her thank for our Fantasy Awards as well! The Rivendell community wouldn't the same without her!