Compilation – Volume 3: The Book of Ages

This is the official page for the progress of our third compilation! It will most probably be an all digital release with around 17 tracks based around a time-traveller theme. It's all community based and we all contribute what we can to make this happen. Expect things to change here, currently it's all in a "Work in progress" state.


The Sodality of the Star is a secret society of the ancient island civilization of Akrotiri. The Sodality devoted to the protection of a powerful jewel, the Sacred Star. When a cataclysmic earthquake devastates the island, members of the society flee in ships, but the jewel is hidden or lost. Throughout the ages of the world, descendants of the original membership seek to recover the jewel for power, faith or riches. But the ancient High Priestess of Akrotiri, Kitane, predicted at the end of her civilization that the Star would not be found until the world was remade in fire and water.

The Tracks/Ages

(with their real Earth-era equivalents in parentheses). Claimed artist name in bold :

1. Sodality of the Sacred Star (ancient secret society; temple workship) – Tincolindo

2. The Devastation of Akrotiri (Atlantis) – Conjurer

3. The Sea Priests (Ancient Bronze Age, the Sodality have become pirates) – ktroll97

4. The Peerless Empire (Rome) – Quest for Glory

5. Ages of Night (Dark Ages)

6. The Devotions of Brother Caleb (Monastic Age) – Dave Ranck

7. Raiders from the Wild Lands (Vikings) – Lost Kingdom

8. The Glorious Crusade of Orthal Knife (Crusades; Religious Strife)

9. The Alchemists (Renaissance; scientific discoveries) – MFM

10. The Magnificent Voyages of Beatrice Beattie (Age of Exploration) – Jeremy Wiebe

11. Dragons of Empire (Napoleonic Wars…with dragons) – Alexis Julemier

12. The Merchant Princes (Industrial Revolution)

13. Diamond Reign of the Empress Vincenza (Victorian Age) – Achazia

14. The Infernal Machines of Dr. Waldemar (Steampunk; Automatons) – Marion Ranch Records

15. Splitting the Atom (Nuclear Age)

16. Fire and Water at the End of the World (Envrionmental/Societal Collapse) – Pal Zoltan Illes 

17. Akrotiri Reborn (A new island rises in the ocean; the cycle begins again) – Hetoreyn

What we need

This is what we need as of now:


We'll probably make a digital download and either give it away for free or sell it through Bandcamp or similar. Currently it's a non-profit fan/community project for anyone so no money will essentially make it to the contributors. But we will hopefully provide an excellent way to get your work spread over the world. So think "promotional payment" for starters and any money that could trickle down to indiviuals a big bonus, so don't quit your day job just yet :P

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