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Giving money is always useful for us. We use the money to pay for webservers, domain names, CDs, MP3, other software costs etc. Everything you put in comes back to Radio Rivendell in some way.

We've set up an account at Paypal for quick and easy donations. Remember that any donation is greatly appreciated! Give us your username in the donation and we'll connect it to your account. We keep track of every donation and no one is forgotten. In the future donation will give your account extra abilities and bonuses. Even old donations will count, so if you donated before you'll be rewarded when this feature is activated!

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If you have some bitcoins to spare, it's perfectly fine to donate these too as we now have a little beggar's cup there too! Just enter this address when sending money: 

Bitcoin address for Rivendell donations: 1JX4JwZPFjd7zsa4vPKbAM1TRExAF6SJxG

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