Hall of Fame

Here on these pages you can see all the kind donors that has helped Radio Rivendell during the years. The amount of money and kindness has been overwhelming and has helped to pay for servers, electricity, maintenance, webhotel and other needs.

You are more than welcome to donate a little to Rivendell. We could use all the money we can get. We use the money to pay for servers, music and other expenses. You can donate in a simple way using Paypal, and we will gladly accept any big or small amount, so help us out and Donate Now!

2003-January-8: 'The Smalltalk Idiom'
2003-April-21: Ronald Cosseboom
2003-June-18: Jonathan Fletcher
2003-August-21: Laura Kolesik
2003-October-16: Amicron
2003-October-19: A Jack Carr
2003-October-21: JMoran
2003-November-8: John Brun
2003-November-10: Jacob Chacko
2003-November-21: David Ehrhart
2003-December-2: 'The Smalltalk Idiom'
2003-December-4: John Brun
2003-December-8: Amicron
2004-February-10: John Brun
2004-February-11: Raymond Hancheck
2004-March-6: Clorinda Trujillo
2004-March-16: Marc Gunn
2004-March-24: Sean Fannon
2004-April-12: Andrew Gaubatz
2004-April-16: Philippa Moore
2004-May-5: Benjamin Lyons
2004-May-24: Mystic Metal Weavers
2004-June-29: John Cudmore
2004-June-30: David Taylor
2004-July-13: Halfang
2004-August-7: John Brun
2004-August-10: Kerry Rogers
2004-August-30: Glorfindel_of_Imladris
2004-September-25: JMoran
2004-October-2: Edward Laufer
2004-October-17: Nico Rehberg
2004-October-19: Peter Kraus
2004-October-25: Richard Peek
2004-November-10: Paul Muther
2004-November-19: Andrew Coile
2004-November-20: Daniel Ashburn
2004-December-1: Paul Smart
2004-December-10: Michael Dechellis
2004-December-13: Jordan Trais
2004-December-21: Michael Ventura
2004-December-30: Glorfindel_of_Imladris
2005-January-29: Randie Jordan
2005-February-20: Bjorn Toft Madsen
2005-March-26: Francisco Javier Blanca Fernández
2005-August-14: Mark Barnsley
2005-August-16: Kerry Rogers
2005-August-25: Bjorn Toft Madsen
2005-September-18: Kerry Rogers
2005-September-19: Witchywanda
2005-September-23: Dominik Zanolari
2005-October-3: Witchywanda
2005-November-7: Steven Wilkinson
2005-November-9: TwinTurbo
2005-November-10: Glorfindel_of_Imladris
2006-January-6: Tobias Salzmann
2006-January-8: Kurt Schneider
2006-January-11: Freman_Scum
2006-January-12: Freman_Scum
2006-January-12: Adam Miess
2006-January-19: Ken Jolivette
2006-January-27: Tobias Salzmann
2006-January-28: Glorfindel_of_Imladris
2006-January-29: Dawna Raver
2006-February-1: Michael Sosa
2006-March-3: Joseph Olsen
2006-March-7: Elegant Home Decor and Accessories
2006-March-9: Larel Reimann
2006-March-11: Swordan
2006-March-11: Kris Swank
2006-March-12: Witchywanda
2006-March-22: Glorfindel_of_Imladris
2006-March-30: Pauline Buncic
2006-April-24: John Cotter
2006-April-27: Legolas Greenleaf
2006-May-24: Jason Hall
2006-May-28: Fabien Mesure
2006-May-29: Pauline Buncic
2006-June-4: Glorfindel_of_Imladris
2006-June-10: Thomas Stevens
2006-June-12: Wolffii
2006-July-4: Adiwan
2006-July-6: Swordan
2006-July-8: Louis Emrick
2006-July-13: Juris Purins
2006-July-13: Curtis Boyatt
2006-July-21: Franz Dam
2006-July-25: Jens Bode
2006-July-27: Johnny Olsson
2006-August-14: John Cudmore
2006-August-25: Martin Wittig
2006-August-30: Marco Pompili
2006-September-16: Mirko Seithe
2006-October-4: Thomas Ponickvv
2006-November-1: Sergei Chyikov
2006-November-14: Maria Johnson
2006-November-27: Pierre-Olivier St-Jean
2006-December-4: Frederic Duval
2006-December-14: Jason Bergschneider
2007-January-2: Kris Swank
2007-February-1: Thalin
2007-February-17: Judith Füller
2007-February-24: Zack Daugherty
2007-March-16: Steven Barger
2007-April-18: Matthew Woor
2007-April-18: Sean Fannon
2007-April-18: Jason Hall
2007-May-19: Minuetta
2007-May-26: Sir Daniel of Bedford
2007-June-8: Israel
2007-June-10: Travis Richards
2007-June-24: Israel
2007-June-25: Florian Gräfenstein
2007-June-25: Israel
2007-June-25: Helgon
2007-July-2: Louis Emrick
2007-July-3: Olaf Heimann
2007-July-3: Israel
2007-July-3: Olaf Heimann
2007-July-5: Travis Richards
2007-July-5: Lutz Schneider
2007-July-16: Alvaro Prieto
2007-July-16: Travis Richards
2007-July-19: John Cudmore
2007-July-23: Christian Wittmann
2007-August-4: Travis Richards
2007-August-11: Travis Richards
2007-August-28: Sébastien Glaz
2007-September-5: Jason Duffey
2007-September-6: John Durant
2007-September-14: Stephen Stofko
2007-September-20: Paul Dimon
2007-October-14: Helgon
2007-October-15: Yelm
2007-October-17: Daniel Nahabedian
2007-October-17: Freman_Scum
2008-January-8: Corinne Wieben
2008-January-11: Jason Bergschneider
2008-January-15: Steven Taylor
2008-February-7: Jens Schönitz
2008-March-9: Michal Bartoszkiewicz
2008-March-12: Wolffii
2008-March-29: Bryan Hoffman
2008-April-7: Jürgen Bullin
2008-May-7: Steven Taylor
2008-June-8: Israel
2008-June-8: Sir Dan
2008-June-13: Israel
2008-June-23: Glorfindel_of_Imladris
2008-June-27: Damien Gay
2008-July-3: Charles Campbell
2008-July-9: Maic Schmidt
2008-July-17: Robert N Nakano
2008-August-8: Michael Knabe
2008-August-24: Sylvain Ubezio
2008-August-30: Ahra
2008-August-31: Carlos García Bautista
2008-November-1: Richard Davis
2008-November-5: Javier Alfonso Bellota de Frutos
2008-November-12: Jens Schönitz
2008-December-7: Magnus Schmidt
2008-December-12: Florian Hopfner
2009-January-8: Josua Schmid
2009-January-20: Freman_Scum
2009-February-6: Florian Finke
2009-February-7: Gamecomposer
2009-February-13: Michael Knabe
2009-February-17: Sebastian Losch
2009-February-17: Tim White
2009-March-2: Eduardo Matos
2009-March-2: Byron Mpartzoulianos
2009-March-4: Daniel Bindel
2009-March-14: Baboon Software Co.
2009-March-20: Ricky Johnson
2009-April-4: Klaas-Meeno Mertens
2009-June-19: John Cudmore
2009-August-12: Douglas Henry Stephens Titchiner
2009-August-15: Damian Melling
2009-August-15: Melf Boysen
2009-August-31: Antonio Ruggiero
2009-October-25: Jani Karhapää
2009-October-27: Adrian Shajkofci
2009-October-30: Paola Morelli
2009-November-9: Craig Lang
2009-November-9: Laura Rehman
2009-November-12: Phildel
2009-November-20: Bethany Theilman
2009-November-21: Michael Knabe
2009-November-27: Piotr Matczak
2009-December-19: Petros Palaistis
2010-January-13: John Cudmore
2010-January-17: Malte Taurat
2010-February-14: Stephan Abel
2010-March-3: Rudy Steffen
2010-March-27: Falk Müller
2010-April-5: Mathew MacMillan
2010-April-9: Maven
2010-May-14: Daniel Heller
2010-June-8: Damien Gay
2010-June-9: Eternallygeek
2010-June-22: John Cudmore
2010-July-23: Kiro
2010-July-26: Rachel Wills
2010-July-28: Jmoran
2010-July-28: Andrej Klimenko
2010-August-7: Crazyninja
2010-September-29: Eduardo Matos
2010-November-21: Tincolindo
2011-March-2: Steve McQueen
2011-March-20: Dietmar Müller
2011-March-29: Benjamin Schmidt
2011-August-5: Raiden
2011-August-11: Blossom89x
2011-August-15: John J Shabunas
2011-August-19: Adriano Ferrari
2011-August-26: John Cudmore
2011-August-31: James Mainprize
2011-September-1: Benjamin Westphal
2011-September-14: Jan Groulef
2011-September-17: Daniel Biediger
2011-October-2: Juan Carlos Galván
2011-October-2: Asher Green
2011-October-3: John Logsdon
2011-October-6: PhoenixMark
2011-October-8: Parallaxe
2011-November-3: Glorfindel_of_Imladris
2011-November-9: PhoenixMark
2011-November-15: Lilu Olnathron
2011-November-20: Jeremy Edwards
2011-November-30: Lindsay Shelden
2011-December-28: Stevenwest13
2012-January-8: Dawn Grib
2012-January-12: Windwalker
2012-January-13: John Cudmore
2012-January-17: Larry Lonsby
2012-March-2: Eisenhorn
2012-March-4: Dominik Kowalczyk
2012-March-18: Dawn Hamad
2012-March-28: Eisenhorn
2012-April-3: Thomas Edge
2012-April-3: Ashen
2012-April-18: Robert Hewlett
2012-April-20: Eisenhorn
2012-May-22: Gianmarco Leone
2012-June-9: Jeremy Isaac
2012-July-5: Eisenhorn
2012-July-6: Dietmar Müller
2012-July-9: Anonymous
2012-August-11: Benjamin Manigk
2012-August-12: Eisenhorn
2012-August-14: John Skinner Jr
2012-August-16: Vinicius Lima
2012-August-16: Hilly Greenfield
2012-September-3: Roberto Orsini
2012-September-14: Eisenhorn
2012-September-24: Quajee
2012-October-5: Daniel Biediger
2012-October-8: Eisenhorn
2012-October-10: Einsteinsarcade
2012-October-21: Aradir
2012-October-30: Ross Netusil
2012-November-1: Adam Finch
2012-November-4: Martin Chesse
2012-November-11: Eisenhorn
2012-November-11: Ptacek85
2012-November-21: David Garnett
2012-November-24: Steve Williams
2012-November-30: Koval
2012-December-7: Sabe Alain
2012-December-10: Christian Riecke
2012-December-10: Whistle
2012-December-27: Gurge
2013-January-11: Adonsa
2013-January-17: Aztonyp
2013-January-22: Valentin Jahns
2013-January-22: John J Shabunas
2013-January-30: Peter Steinbauer
2013-February-10: David Schlesinger
2013-February-12: Eirikr
2013-February-17: RalfKurtsiefer@web.de
2013-February-19: Vinicius Lima
2013-February-19: Obsi
2013-February-19: Juan Antonio Fernández Sagasti
2013-February-21: Ludovico Di Marino
2013-February-21: Szczepan von Karma
2013-February-24: Safelink Solutions, LLC
2013-February-25: Asher Green
2013-February-26: Anàrion
2013-February-26: John Cudmore
2013-March-1: Pollyanna Jones
2013-March-1: Sovarzüm
2013-March-3: KOVAL
2013-March-11: Mark Thomas
2013-March-13: Wrightrb
2013-March-22: LeeChuck
2013-March-27: Vodu
2013-April-9: Battle Geeks
2013-May-5: Freman_Scum
2013-May-19: Aculeo
2013-June-9: Wade Ussery
2013-June-29: Jamin Finlaw
2013-June-30: MuadMouse
2013-July-1: Eisenhorn
2013-July-17: Fabien Mesure
2013-July-23: Klaas-Meeno Mertens
2013-July-30: Todd Fisher
2013-August-1: Strypes
2013-August-3: Greycatjack
2013-August-4: Eisenhorn
2013-September-25: Bagelfather
2013-September-27: Vodu
2013-September-28: Ian Moffatt
2013-October-13: Markus Gasser
2013-October-13: OneBlueSky
2013-October-17: Eisenhorn
2013-November-14: Kligan
2013-November-24: Quajee
2013-December-8: Jarrett Shafferman
2013-December-9: Anna Weissgerber
2013-December-11: Anonymous
2013-December-13: OneBlueSky
2013-December-26: Dragana Nikolic
2014-January-5: Timmo Liiva
2014-January-7: Azhar and Huz
2014-January-15: Adalbis
2014-January-15: Robin Renneberg
2014-February-12: Mara Grey
2014-February-13: Eisenhorn
2014-February-15: Richard Skinner
2014-March-3: EarlSiegfried
2014-March-26: Dietmar Müller
2014-April-7: OneBlueSky
2014-April-8: Domenico Salciccia
2014-April-28: OneBlueSky
2014-May-4: Eisenhorn
2014-May-6: Andrew Jablonowski
2014-May-14: Terri Murphy
2014-May-21: Gorenflot David
2014-May-24: Eisenhorn
2014-July-5: Anonymous
2014-August-3: Ben OSteen
2014-August-9: Eisenhorn
2014-August-11: Andy Nick
2014-August-25: Bartosz Wałęga
2014-August-28: MuadMouse
2014-September-1: Whiz Bang Corp
2014-September-12: Joseph Nycz
2014-September-13: Juan Carlos Galván
2014-September-15: Abalyth
2014-September-17: Mystarra
2014-September-18: Andrew Jablonowski
2014-September-29: Tero Lemmetty
2014-September-30: Skymningslyktan
2014-October-11: Tyler
2014-November-20: John Poff
2014-December-3: Gurge
2014-December-9: Matthias Richter
2014-December-9: Webdot Studio
2014-December-11: Tyler
2014-December-22: John Poff
2015-January-11: Tyler
2015-January-20: John Poff
2015-January-25: Eisenhorn
2015-February-5: Nicholas Vaccaro
2015-February-10: Jeffrey M Deck
2015-February-11: Tyler
2015-February-15: Vindial
2015-February-16: Andrew Petrov
2015-February-19: Steven Stephenson Jr
2015-March-3: Nicholas Vaccaro
2015-March-10: Jeffrey M Deck
2015-March-11: Tyler
2015-March-30: Torsten Kunkel
2015-April-8: Nicholas Vaccaro
2015-April-10: Jeffrey M Deck
2015-April-11: Tyler
2015-April-30: Greycatjack
2015-May-10: Jeffrey M Deck
2015-May-11: Tyler
2015-May-16: Honikaua
2015-June-10: Jeffrey M Deck
2015-June-11: Tyler
2015-July-11: Tyler
2015-July-17: Dustpup
2015-July-27: Limond
2015-July-28: Michael Reimann
2015-August-1: Toksa
2015-August-9: Toksa
2015-August-10: Jeffrey M Deck
2015-August-11: Tyler
2015-August-14: Jörg Hofmann
2015-September-6: Jakob Frederiksen
2015-September-8: Rhapsody01
2015-September-11: Tyler
2015-October-21: Tyler
2015-October-26: Jethro Hendrix
2015-November-11: Tyler
2015-November-20: Slyudkin Maxim
2015-December-9: Johannes Rieger
2015-December-9: TWAWKI-MC
2015-December-10: Jeffrey M Deck
2015-December-11: Nai
2015-December-12: Ludo Koster
2015-December-19: Eric Lacoste
2015-December-24: Joerg Ruedenauer
2015-December-24: Anonymous
2015-December-30: Rusty_dragon
2015-December-31: Anonymous
2016-January-9: Thomas Moore
2016-January-11: Tyler
2016-January-12: Nai
2016-January-12: Pinwheel
2016-January-13: Arclayn
2016-January-18: Aedril Faënor
2016-February-10: Jeffrey M Deck
2016-February-11: Tyler
2016-February-12: Pinwheel
2016-February-20: Eddy Lefevre
2016-March-5: Josue Lamothe Penelle
2016-March-10: Jeffrey M Deck
2016-March-11: Tyler
2016-March-12: Pinwheel
2016-March-14: Marc Rattue
2016-April-10: Jeffrey M Deck
2016-April-11: Tyler
2016-April-12: Pinwheel
2016-April-14: PhoenixMark
2016-May-11: Tyler
2016-May-12: Pinwheel
2016-June-10: Jeffrey M Deck
2016-June-12: Pinwheel
2016-July-10: Jeffrey M Deck
2016-July-12: Pinwheel
2016-July-12: Pinwheel
2016-August-19: Vodu
2016-August-21: Babilon
2016-August-27: Eisenhorn
2016-September-11: Tyler
2016-September-12: Pinwheel
2016-October-7: Legolas Greenleaf
2016-October-11: Tyler
2016-October-12: Pinwheel
2016-November-11: Tyler
2016-November-12: Pinwheel
2016-December-11: Tyler
2016-December-12: Pinwheel
2017-January-12: Pinwheel
2017-February-2: Xcartablancax
2017-February-3: Everstar
2017-February-11: Tyler
2017-February-12: Pinwheel
2017-March-6: Dubnio
2017-March-11: Tyler
2017-March-12: Pinwheel
2017-April-11: Tyler
2017-April-12: Pinwheel
2017-May-11: Tyler
2017-May-12: Pinwheel
2017-June-11: Tyler
2017-June-12: Pinwheel
2017-July-11: Tyler
2017-July-12: Pinwheel
2017-August-9: Frodo lives!
2017-August-11: Tyler
2017-August-12: Pinwheel
2017-September-11: Tyler
2017-September-12: Pinwheel
2017-October-11: Tyler
2017-October-12: Pinwheel
2017-November-16: Tyler
2017-November-17: Pinwheel
2017-November-23: Steven Stephenson Jr
2017-December-11: Tyler
2017-December-12: Pinwheel
2017-December-14: Eldar Poe
2018-January-11: Tyler
2018-January-12: Pinwheel
2018-January-21: Ewald
2018-February-11: Tyler
2018-February-12: Pinwheel
2018-February-16: Aerow
2018-March-11: Tyler
2018-March-12: Pinwheel
2018-April-1: TimoP
2018-April-11: Tyler
2018-April-12: Pinwheel
2018-May-11: Tyler
2018-May-12: Pinwheel
2018-May-14: Anonymous
2018-June-11: Tyler
2018-June-12: Laura Olson
2018-June-12: Pinwheel
2018-July-11: Tyler
2018-July-12: Pinwheel
2018-July-21: Nehima
2018-August-11: Tyler
2018-August-12: Pinwheel
2018-September-3: Krainor Blackthorne
2018-September-11: Tyler
2018-September-12: Pinwheel
2018-October-12: Pinwheel
2018-October-23: Zeiros the Thief
2018-November-5: Tim Densham
2018-December-11: Tyler
2018-December-12: Pinwheel
2019-January-11: Tyler
2019-January-12: Pinwheel
2019-February-11: Tyler
2019-February-12: Pinwheel
2019-February-18: Truthseer
2019-March-11: Tyler
2019-March-12: Pinwheel
2019-April-11: Tyler
2019-April-12: Pinwheel
2019-May-11: Tyler
2019-May-12: Pinwheel
2019-June-10: Quajee
2019-June-11: Tyler
2019-July-11: Tyler
2019-August-11: Tyler
2019-August-31: John J Shabunas
2019-September-5: Tim Densham
2019-September-11: Tyler
2019-September-12: Charles Houlton
2019-September-22: Lars Kroll
2019-October-11: Tyler
2019-October-12: Charles Houlton
2019-October-22: Lars Kroll
2019-November-5: Tim Densham
2019-November-11: Tyler
2019-November-12: Charles Houlton
2019-November-22: Lars Kroll
2019-November-27: Francesco Cotrona
2019-December-5: Tim Densham
2019-December-11: Tyler
2019-December-12: Charles Houlton
2019-December-22: Lars Kroll
2020-January-5: Tim Densham
2020-January-11: Tyler
2020-January-12: Charles Houlton
2020-January-22: Lars Kroll
2020-February-5: Tim Densham
2020-February-11: Tyler
2020-February-12: Charles Houlton
2020-February-22: Lars Kroll