Frederic Talgorn - Asterix Aux Jeux Olympious

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Frederic Talgorn - Asterix Aux Jeux Olympious
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Price: € 9

Full Length Jewel Case CD

Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

This film was among the most expensive (the most expensive when it was done) cinema made i Europe. 78 million Euro.

Join AsterixóFrance's favourite winged-helmet-wearing heroóand his oversized pal Obelix on Mount Olympus in this riotous comedy adventure! When the starry-eyed peasant Lovesix meets the beautiful Greek princess Irina, he falls desperately, hopelessly in love. But the princess has also captured the attention of Brutus, the ambitious, ruthless son of Julius Caesar. Though she loves Lovesix, Irina says she will give her hand to whichever of the two wins the sports tournament about to take place on Mount Olympus. Enter the zany Asterix and Obelix, who lead a delegation of France's best sporting heroes to help Lovesixóand Franceówin the Olympics and the Princess' heart! Featuring an Eiffel Tower-sized stack of French superstars.

The music in this soundtrack is flowing freely and very the adventure is heard in most of the cues. The muisc is often light in it's style. Bells, light strings, flutes and even when the music is supporting a fight scene the music is rather light. That supports the matiné feeling of the movie. Some cues are actually similar in it's style with Basil Paledouris soundtrack for Conan (!) and John Wiliams. A hidden gem.

Alternative Titels: Asterix alle olimpiadi (Italy) Asterix at the Olympic Games (International) (English title) Asterix bei den Olympischen Spielen (Deutschland) Asterix en los juegos olÌmpicos (Spain)


01 All we need (03:33) Performed by LoÔs Andrea feat. Big Ali
02 Funk Machine (Astérix Funk) (04:11) Performed by Big Ali feat. LoÔs Andrea
03 Dollaly (03:07) Performed by Hakimakli
04 Supernatural Funky Fresh (03:33) Performed by Eight


05 Générique Début (04:48)
06 Asterix & Obelix (02:06)
07 "Mais nous sommes Romains !" (03:07)
08 En route vers Olympie (01:58)
09 Les Juges (00:41)
10 Dr. Mabuse (02:11)
11 Bain Mousse - La Palestre (01:16)
12 Entra nement d'Alafolix (01:15)
13 ScËne du Balcon (04:32)
14 Ouverture des Jeux et Parade (02:22)
15 CongrËs de Druides et Idéfix cherche Panoramix (02:51)
16 Test du ColéoptËre (01:12)
17 Course de Relais (00:54)
18 Lancé de Disque/Alafolix et Humungus (01:49)
19 Brutus se Dope et se Dégonfle (01:02)
20 Préparatifs de la Course de Chars #1 (01:29)
21 Préparatifs de la Course de Chars #2 (01:34)
22 La GalËre (00:46)
23 Couronnement et Banquet Final (01:55)
24 La Course de Chars (11:43)
25 Besoin de rien, envie de toi (01:00) Performed by Beno t Poelvoorde


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