John Debney - White Fang 2 (Myth of the White Wolf)

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John Debney - White Fang 2 (Myth of the White Wolf)

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Original motion picture soundtrack to WHITE FANG 2: MYTH OF THE WHITE WOLF, the 1994 sequel to the family adventure, WHITE FANG, directed by Ken Olin, starring Scott Bairstow, Charmaine Craig, Alfred Molina and Geoffrey Lewis, featuring exciting orchestral music composed by John Debney. In order to save one of the last Alaskan native tribes, Henry Casey and the half-dog, half-wolf Fang band together to stop miners from destroying a sacred land. WHITE FANG 2: MYTH OF THE WHITE WOLF represents the first collaboration between director Ken Olin and composer John Debney. They worked together again on IN PURSUIT OF HONOR. John Debney is one of Hollywood's most sought after composers. His unique ability to create memorable work across a variety of genres, as well as his reputation for being remarkably collaborative, has made him the first choice of top-level producers and directors.

Debney combines his classical training with a strong knowledge of contemporary sounds to adapt to any assignment. Debney received critical acclaim in 2004 for his score to Mel Gibson's THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, one of the top ten box office grossing films of all time. He has had a distinguished career in film and television, providing the music for projects such as SEAQUEST DSV, CUTTHROAT ISLAND, THE RELIC, SPY KIDS, THE PRINCESS DIARIES, BRUCE ALMIGHTY, ELF, SIN CITY and, most recently, CHICKEN LITTLE, DREAMER, DUMA and ZATHURA.


1. Prologue/Main Title (03:51)
2. Forest Frolic (01:55)
3. The River (05:01)
4. The Reluctant Wolf (01:45)
5. Watching Lily/Training (03:07)
6. Mountain Dance (01:21)
7. Haida Dreams/Wolf Dreams (02:36)
8. Dangerous Forest/Finding Caribou (06:58)
9. Lilly and Henry (03:51)
10. The Reverend/Henry Returns (02:04)
11. Kindred Spirits (02:32)
12. Henry Saves Lilly (04:22)
13. The Reverend's Demise/Sad Homecoming (03:06)
14. Hidden Feelings (02:07)
15. Noble Heart/Lilly Chooses Henry (02:21)
16. A Happy Ending (01:39)
17. End Credits (03:02))


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