James Horner - The New World

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James Horner - The New World
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Horner need no introduction to you. "The New World" is an epic adventure set amid the encounter of European and Native American cultures during the founding of the Jamestown settlement in 1607. James Horner's lush score invigorates the film as the characters explore love, loss, and discovery in the early Americas. Past score highlights include "Titanic", "Braveheart", "The Legend Of Zorro", "Troy", "A Beautiful Mind", and "Apollo 13". Directed by Terrence Malick and starring Colin Farrell, Christian Bale, and Q'orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas.

The New World is a strong and surprisingly refreshing entry in the mix. The album squeezes on 80 minutes of Horner's work for listeners to enjoy in the form that the composer had originally intended the music to be heard in the film before Malick's haphazard edits. Be aware that the album does not contain any of the Wagner or Mozart music heard frequently in the film!


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