James Horner - Troy

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James Horner - Troy
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Full Length Jewel Case CD

Genre: Historical/Adventure

Inevitably, any new score by composer James Horner will have its critics and its fans. The fans will talk about how great the score is, how Horner wrote some amazing themes, how well it works in the film, and how the album is the best thing to listen to that week. The critics will talk about how the music sounds a lot like something he'd written previously, how the motifs are reused from earlier scores, how the 4-note "danger theme" keeps showing up, and how it's just like Braveheart, or something of that ilk.

After composer Gabriel Yared's score was removed from the film, Horner (who had previously worked with director Wolfgang Petersen on The Perfect Storm) came in to finish the project. Considering the limited timeframe in which had to write his score, Horner delivered the goods. The end result was a lengthy score that, in addition to having a few new themes, worked within the film and provided plenty of exciting moments. Conversely, the time crunch also resulted in a score that has plenty of "familiar" moments, mixed with a spattering of original ideas.

One of these ideas is a dual female harmony, first heard in "3200 Years Ago", which starts the film. A female solo, performed by Tanja Tzarovska, provides some ethnic-styled vocals towards the end of the cue, very good! An idea that's getting a bit used now but, it still works! The heroic Trojan theme is first heard in "Troy", with ascending and descending brass scales in a major key. The "danger theme" mentioned earlier makes its first appearance as part of an action theme in "Achilles Leads the Myrmidons". This tense cue builds with the female vocals earlier mentioned, climaxing in a heroic fanfare theme which while reminding of The Mask of Zorro, works exceptionally well. The pounding action in "The Greek Army and its Defeat" dominates the almost 10-minute long track, with the last part featuring Tanja in a mournful wailing solo.


1. 3200 Years Ago
2. Troy
3. Achilles Leads The Myrmidons
4. The Temple Of Poseidon
5. The Night Before
6. The Greek Army And Its Defeat
7. Briseis And Achilles
8. The Trojans Attack
9. Hectorís Death
10. The Wooden Horse And The Sacking Of Troy
11. Through The Fires, Achilles . . . And Immortality
12. Remember - Performed by Josh Groban with Tanja Tzarovska


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