H.E.R.R - Vondel's Lucifer

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H.E.R.R - Vondels Lucifer
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Price: € 9

Taken from the Dutch playwright's seventeenth-century opus, 'Lucifer', this eagerly-awaited release tells of heavenly discontent amid a jealous tale of angelic rebellion in the face of God's love for humankind. Containing both half-sung and spoken vocals, an ever so gentle folk-like melody, baroque composition, rich musical arrangement and the kind of indomitable spirit and literary tradition that only a group like H.E.R.R. can render in such a magnificent cultural style, this album introduces the first three acts in 75 bombastic minutes. An illustrious cast includes Richard Leviathan (Ostara), Dev (While Angels Watch), Holger F. (Belborn), Cornelius Mikael Waldner (Sagittarius) and Maria Southgate (HERR/Survival Unit).

Now, awake the stars from their harmonious peace and let the battle commence!


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