Immundus - Torments

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Immundus - Torments

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Full Length Jewel Case CD

Inspired by the many dark aspects of life, its mystery, horror, the force and sounds of mother nature, combined with mental chaos, psychotic dreams, and musical influences from depressive, gothic and black metal "atmospheres", Immundus intends to create eerie, haunting and bizarre atmospheres, yet beautiful and melancholic with intent to make skins crawl and turn purest dreams into nightmares.

Reviews excerpts from the album:

"It's pure ambient, distressing, mesmerizing" "really deep songs that draws the line between Twilight...and pitch black obscurity." (Whispering Goom zine")

"Immundus has created a must-have for those who enjoy horror soundtracks and dark ambient music." (Radio Indy)

"Immundus creates an interesting blend of chilling soundscapes which to me feels like a mixture of The Shining soundtrack and Jean-Michel Jarre's Oxygene album! A truly dark journey...." ("The uninvited" aka Fredrik Klingwall)


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