L'Effet C'est Moi - Tomber En Heroes

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LEffet Cest Moi - Tomber En Heroes
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Price: € 9

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A magnificent world of conquests, armies, battles, emperors and immortality, through excellent orchestral keyboards, epic piano themes and hammering martial percussions. Adopting a quote from Friedrich Nietzche as name, this new interesting music entity rises from Recanati, Italy, same hometown of Der Feuerkreiner, with whom it seems to share a passion for epic, neoclassical and martial compositions. L'Effet C'Est Moi ("the result is me") refers, in particular, to a concept with which the famous German philosopher suggested an identification between the ruling class and the results achieved by the community. The idea of power and domination dwells among the two parts in which the CD is subdivided, the first coping with the splendour of the Roman Empire at its zenith, the second with the dark sides of its might, that have survived through the ages and formed the totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century.


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