Necrophorus - Driftin in Motion

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Necrophorus - Driftin in Motion
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Price: € 9

Full Length Digipack CD

Arctic ambience, melting with imagination, leads the listener to the frozen tundra at the top of the world. This rarely explored land, resonant with a shimmering radiance that is bleak, barren and mysterious, is distinguished by slivers of fantastical nuances that twinkle like crystals under the midnight sun.

The above quotation was taken from a review of the original CD release of íDrifting in Motioní (2000 on Crowd Control Activities). Now, 8 years later it is time for an enhanced re-release for even more refined sound and experience of íDrifting in Motioní. The entire album has been carefully re-mixed in 2007 and has been spiced with 3 more nuances.

Peter Andersson is a multi-talented man most famous for his RAISON D'ETRE project on the notorious label Cold Meat Industry LABEL but he is also are responisble for music projetcs like Stratvm Terror, Bocksholm, Atomine Elektrine, Panzar and many more.

For this new release, two artists, Maria Gullqvist (Sweden) and Eva Verholen (Holland) has been asked to contribute with their own impressions of experiencing íDrifting in Motioní. Their works are presented on the completely new designed CD artwork in a six panels digipack.



Ice Shifting:


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