Phanatos - Opus 2

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Phanatos - Opus 2

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Full Length Jewel Case CD

Neo-Classical music with an spiritual sound pallet to fit the world of the ethereal. Piano is the main instrument but always merged with dark ambience and sometimes with percussion added. The vocals are in a variety of flavours as well; the male vocals are sometimes dark and brooding, like a fantasy storyteller, but sometimes also full frontal and open, though perhaps a bit distorted of changed. This second opus is a combination of songs with lyrics and completely instrumental ones. Though I must say that the lyrics only occur sparse, leaving more focus on the music. The music can enhance the atmosphere initiated by the vocals, leaving one behind with a few words to let ones mind drift to. Make your own stories, theories and journeys while listening.

The atmosphere is dark, ghostly, brooding but most of all beautiful. Gothic is a word that can be used too but at all like the american dark ambient scene. It's not full on like bands such as Arcana but more like a ghostly version of Aghast and Raison Detré.


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