You can listen to Radio Rivendell in many ways, using either your favourite music program such as iTunes/Apple Music, Windows Media Player, Winamp or the like. It's really not too difficult. You can also play or radio right here in your browser using our webplayer!

There are many ways to listen to Radio Rivendell and it works for virtually all computers! All you need is an internet connected computer with software able to stream music from the Internet. We've tried out Windows, Apple MacOS/OSX, Android, Ubuntu Linux and iPhones!

Apple's Music

In order to add Radio Rivendell to Apple's Music (the new version of iTunes) you do like this:

  1. Open Music
  2. Go to File -> Open Stream URL…
  3. Paste this address: "" and click OK. Radio Rivendell should now start streaming
  4. To add a "bookmark" to the radio click the three dots (…) at the top and select the top item "Add to Last Playlist"
  5. Now you just have to manually edit the station name, as this is not picked up from the stream URL. Just click "Get Info" and edit the "Title" and you should all be set!