Adam Langston


4171 plays, 12 songs on radio

Adam Langston is a composer and orchestrator for film and television, classical and popular music.

Among his more recent works are orchestrations and arrangements for the films “Planet 51”, “Walking with Dinosaurs” and the TV series “Crusoe”. Adam also acted as arranger and conductor on Michael Winterbottom's film 'The Killer Inside Me', and as orchestrator on blockbuster film '2012'.

In 2009, he wrote music for 'The Hunt For Gollum' and 'Born Of Hope', two internet-released independent LOTR prequels, which have been seen by more than five million people worldwide.

Adam's score to 'Dead Wood' was nominated for Best Music at the New York B-movie Festival. Adam also composed and produced source music cues for 'In Bruges' and did programming and orchestration for 'The Priests', the fastest-selling classical debut album ever, as well as orchestration work for The Heritage Orchestra and the City of Prague Philharmonic.

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