By Ainulindalë (2014)


The album features more than 20 musicians including guitars, male and female vocals, acoustic fretless bass, percussions of all kind (orchestral timpani, snare, tambourine...), trombone, flute, violin, viola, cello, double bass and a Male Choir.
It was recorded and mixed at MUVIDA studio (Peste Noire, Vehementer Nos...) and mastered at DEVIANT LAB studio (Trepalium, Klone...).
The lyrics, inspired by Tolkien, are completely originals. The concept behind Nevrast was to imagine a collection of tales that are all in connection with the northern coastal region called Nevrast.
The paintings featured on the artwork are original drawings by french artist Florence Guillot.


1. Hither Land 1.42 **** Spotify
2. The Parting 5.38 *** Spotify
3. By the Shore 6.16 *** Spotify
4. Namarië 5.23 **** Spotify
5. Vinyamar 2.56 **** Spotify
6. Under May's Moon 4.07 **** Spotify
7. Nevrast 9.43 *** Spotify
8. Distant Land 3.20 **** Spotify


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