The Funeral March

By Alex Lambrino from Age of Mourning

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SurranĂ³ 19 April, 2006 at 13:28 1

Outright copying is a big no-no. Using Chopin(?) in a fantasy setting is a big no-no. Anachronistic in any measure!
But the music is acceptable. (no more than that, tho)

Belba Took 8 May, 2006 at 16:53 0


Sir Daniel of Bedford 20 June, 2006 at 19:22 0

Nice rendition of this traditional song. Because it's not an original piece, I rated this middle of the road.

Quest for Glory

Quest for Glory 25 March, 2015 at 21:13 1

Are you serious? This is not what I want to hear here. It is anyway a good version, but realy you don't have something else to do...


Pinwheel 27 February, 2018 at 21:25 0

Sure they're quoting Chopin. So what? Popular musicians have been mining classical music forever. I think I've heard three or four paraphrases of Pachelbel alone on this station.