Alex Must


1737 plays, 15 songs on radio, from Italy

Alex Must was born in Cesena, Italy. He likes music from childhood and played keyboard from 5 years old with famous "Bontempi" keyboard.
In the next 10 years he practised music and creates various tracks with prebuilded loops, and composes simple songs with his keyboard.
He concretized his passion at 15 years old, attending keyboard and composition lessons for four years.
He composed his first real track after first lesson of keyboard, track name was "King of Light", a strings soft relaxing pop track.
In the years Alex Must composed about 20 albums, but only last two of them was published.

Now Alex Must produces album as independent composer, he prefers soundtrack music style but he likes also electronic and rock.
He creates a personal music style present in all his albums.


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Most played songs

1Pristine World 123
2Prefazione 120
3Farfalle 119
4Finale 119
5Dawn of Life 118
6Ali di Fata 117
7Freedomland 117
8Big Bang 115
9Foresta Incantata 114
10Never Ending 114
11Intermezzo 2 114
12Danza di Sorrisi 113
13The Sun 113
14Ancient Ruins 113
15Costa di Diamanti 108

Most popular songs

1Never Ending 4.5
2Prefazione 4.5
3Freedomland 4.3
4Farfalle 4.2
5Intermezzo 2 4.1
6The Sun 4.1
7Danza di Sorrisi 4.0
8Foresta Incantata 4.0
9Ancient Ruins 3.9
10Big Bang 3.9