Alexandre Guiraud Wizart


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After 10 years of experience in the world of music, musician in many rock / metal bands, and live sound engineer.

I start writing music for images with a video game for students, composing some music cartoon.

I have enjoyed this experience, so i decided to get into this middle, and then begins to do a book, starting with my favorite style, epic music.

Since then I work for video games, short films, and medieval show ..

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Most played songs

1Blade of blood 259
2The Final Battle 249
3Back home 249
4Irish Dance 248
5An Hero is born 247
6Daemon 238
7Black Heart 237
8Eternity 236
9Titan 234
10Chevalier 233
11Fantasia 231
12Enter the Arena 226
13Fairy Tale 216

Most popular songs

1Titan 4.3
2The Final Battle 4.2
3Black Heart 4.1
4Chevalier 4.1
5An Hero is born 4.0
6Enter the Arena 4.0
7Irish Dance 4.0
8Fantasia 3.9
9Blade of blood 3.8
10Eternity 3.8