Allen Constantine


936 plays, 8 songs on radio, from USA

Allen Constantine is a contemporary film composer, producer and sound designer who has composed in various musical styles. He is working as a music composer providing library music for Getty Images and Omni Music for media in New York.

He started composing at the age of 9, and gradually, composing and producing became his main artistic goals as he developed these skills self taught. He finished the “ University of Music Theatre and Arts” which helped him better understand the cinematographic world. With many years of experience in the Music, Gaming, Film and Television Production industries, Allen Constantine composes music and sound design cues meeting all production requirements for the film and television industry.

Working completely remotely directly from his studio, he supplies music score cues for Film, TV and Gaming anywhere via secure internet file transfer. Having a well-equipped music studio with the latest technology in Virtual Instruments makes him well-prepared to provide such music cues.

Official site:
Soundcloud: allenconstantine


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