A.k.a "Henrik Summanen"

4450 plays, 14 songs on radio, from Sweden

Henrik was born in Stockholm and has lived in different parts of Sweden. Now he lives in Bromma outside of Stockholm with three kids and a wife. Despite his formal education as an archaeologist/linguist, his musical interest has always been strong, beginning with piano lessons at the age of ten, and countinued with lessons in viola and basson. At the age of 17 Henrik discovered the guitar and the early 17th century music, and later converted into a lute player. Nowadays he mostly plays the lute.

As his interest for classical music has been present since childhood, orchestral music in particular, he began classes in composition at the age of 14 and countinued until his early 20-ies. The classes were mainly directed towards modern contemporary classical music, and although he is now focussing on the traditional orchestral music, his interest for experimental and modern music is still strong. He is developing that line in the work with Electroacoustic music at EMS, and with his dark ambient Ahasverus-project.

Today, his orchestral music can be described as a mixture of modern game music and late romantic classical music. His influences include film music composers as Harry Gregson-Williams, Hans Zimmer and John Williams, game music composers as Jason Hayes and Jeremy Soule and classical masters as Wagner, Mahler, Shostakovitch and Sibelius.

Another strong interest is medieval reenactment, and he is founding member of St Olaus Guild in Sweden, and a member of the international society Company of St George in Switzerland.

Henrik is currently working as a freelance media producer, creating and writing both film, music and websites for museums and cultural institutions.

Official site: henriksummanen.com


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