Ari Pulkkinen

Ari Pulkkinen

From Finland

Over 50 million console and mobile users have already heard Ari Pulkkinen's music and audio. Ari is known as game music composer and sound designer, and lately he has been involved in other media as well. Before Ari started his own company AriTunes in 2008 he was in-house Audio Director of Frozenbyte Inc. for 5 years. His previous projects include such popular titles like Angry Birds, Trine, Super Stardust HD and Shadowgrounds. (Dead Nation, Outland and Trine 2 in the future)

As a music and audio professional, Ari Pulkkinen has gained the deep knowledge and competence mainly in the field of game industry. His work as a composer, music and audio producer as well as an audio designer has left a mark in many productions and independent projects. As a side dish, Ari’s broad experience in game design and concept writing comes in handy along with the slick skill to produce design for trailers and in-game cinematics, including vocal directing.

The demoscene and mod tracker background was fundamental to Ari’s work. The fame gained through producing his first decisive product, StarFight VI: Gatekeepers (PC) game soundtrack and audio design eventually opened the door for professional game business. For the educational point of view, diplomas in Professional audio design and producing, Further Education for Producers and Leads of the Finnish Game Industry with Adulta and Music Technology with high valued finnish institution, Sibelius Academy are the proof of talent in black and white.

But the actual professional quantum leap for Ari was his 5 year long career as an in-house audio director with Frozenbyte, Inc. working with the products Super Stardust HD (PS3/2007), Shadowgrounds (PC/2005) and Shadowgrounds Survivor (PC/2007) and after that within his own company Trine (PS3), Angry Birds (iPhone, +++) and Dead Nation (PS3). The games have received rave reviews and for the record, praise for their soundtracks.

In his work, Ari does not like to be categorized or labeled under certain styles or genres. He likes to keep his freedom of choice and have it somewhat edgier. "There is no point copying standard Hollywood film score styles. I am dedicated to create sophisticated, deep, melodic, memorable music and sound design that will give each production its individual style and feeling. Games need unique and custom made music and audio that add extra value for the entire project". The devotion to make modern music that stands out from the norm is gripped solid by combining strong melodic themes with different electronic genres. All this is the bare and raw basis for AriTunes trademark, individual and distinctive music and audio producing. Unique is what matters.

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