Bjorn Lynne


4251 plays, 51 songs on radio, from Norway

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Most played songs

1A Lifetime of Moments 343
2After the Rain (Dew) 342
3Homeland Farmland 340
4Witchwood Prologue 333
5Sunlight at the Mooring - A Jetty on the Lake 324
6Tell Tale Signs 324
7The Meeting Place 323
8Mystery Forest 323
9Beneath the Surface 322
10Greenfields 321
11The Old Tower 320
12Ripples 319
13The Town of Witchwoode 317
14The Woodlands
15The Forest Speaks, Part I
16The Forest Speaks, Part II
17The Forest Speaks, Part III
18The Forest Speaks, Part IV
19A Presence in the Air
20The Sinister Maze - A journey through the Catacombs

Most popular songs

1Ripples 4.4
2Beneath the Surface 4.0
3Mystery Forest 4.0
4Mystery Forest 4.0
5Sunlight at the Mooring - A Jetty on the Lake 4.0
6The Meeting Place 4.0
7A Lifetime of Moments 3.9
8Tell Tale Signs 3.9
9The Old Tower 3.8
10Greenfields 3.7