Celestial Aeon Project


A.k.a "Matti Paalanen"

13075 plays, 198 songs on radio, from Finland

Celestial Aeon Project is a pure soundtrack project that publishes instrumental, orchestral background soundscapes. General atmosphere and visual feel lead to fantasy worlds and to the realm of the role playing games. General style of C.A.P. is quite nostalgic and simplistic, even - harmonic structures and melodies are quite straightforward and almost improvisational, which may remind listeners of old school computer rpg soundtracks.

Main influences include such composers and projects as Jeremy Soule, Hans Zimmer, Joe Hisaishi, Ben Houge, Nobuo Uematsu, E.S. Posthumus, Vangelis to name a few.

Official site: mattipaalanen.com/celestialaeonproject.html
Download: mattipaalanen.com/celestialaeonproject.html


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