David John


8571 plays, 49 songs on radio, from Canada

David John (b. 1977) is a London (Ontario, Canada) based composer and musician that has spent the last 10 years experimenting, learning, performing and composing various types of music, ranging from his days in a rock band as a guitarist to the orchestral soundtracks he currently composes and produces for such prominent companies as BioWare.

David’s goal in scoring for games is to capture the essence of what the designers have created, and translate that to music. Capturing the emotions that the game and its situations use to draw the player in, and make it a truly immersive experience.

Official site: david-john.com
Download: david-john.com


maven 18 September, 2006 at 18:35 1

wow! another talented young composer that we have the privelege of hearing on Radio Rivendell. This guy definitely has a way of capturing a mood, painting a scene with his music. Nice website too, with streaming samples of his work.

k3nn3dy 21 September, 2006 at 22:04 1

This man has a future!
Good luck Mr. John!

Snafe 10 January, 2007 at 05:56 1

My first encounter with his music was while searching on the NWvault. The Kingmaker theme is a good and very refreshing piece of music.

c0c0c0 24 October, 2010 at 02:29 1

This guy is great. His music doesn't all sound the same. So many imaginative themes! Listening to Infinite Dungeons right now. Good stuff!