In 2009 when the sun was beating down on the earth like the fiery breath of a dragon the project DRACHENFEUER was created by Jim Kirkwood and Alexander ‘Hugin’ Wieser. Since the early 80s both musicians have collaborated with other well known bands/projects and have a long list releases.

DRACHENFEUER began with a composition for “The Black Land” – en epic tale based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s “Lord of The Rings” and “The Silmarillion”. This concept makes it possible to flee from the grey everyday life to a better, glorious world full of magic and wonders. Classical melodies combined with iron rough edges of metal march on a crusade through middle earth. Jim and Hugin tell of mystical, enchanted woods, of fire-breathing dragons whose wings conquer the clouds, of gleaming swords, of kingdoms of the north and of power and its true strength found in dark battles.
It is the year 2009 and blood freezes in the veins at the sound of clenching steel and a further , greater battle is fought. The way of the warrior is contained in flesh and steel, baptized in fire and ice. The dragon lord portrayed in DRACHENFEUER rises with iron force to fight his battle in the land of shadows. Symphonic dragon hymns, mystic and bombastic choirs of battle lead the listener to deadly moors, rise up high in the sky and chase dark creatures through enchanted woods. Powerful choirs, drums of war, cymbals and fanfares build a symphony like the ride of a Valkyrie.

DRACHENFEUER’s first work consists of the symbiosis of heroic battle hymns and soundtrack-like passages full of mystic characters. This epic tale crosses the borders of the known arts into a world beyond where flesh, steel and courage do not yet lie hidden in the shadows. “The Black Land” is a new ode to Mordor as well as a further manifestation of the violence of the dark lord. This album will attract every single dragon warrior.

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