Dronolan's Tower

Dronolan's Tower

From USA

Dronolan's Tower produces medieval fantasy mood music appropriate for use in conjunction with pencil and paper Role-Playing Games (RPGs) such as Dungeons and Dragons or Collectible Card Games (CCGs) such as Magic: The Gathering.

Dronolan's Tower's debut album, Legends of Kitholan Vol. 1, was released April 25th, 2007, and is now available for sale worldwide. The album features over 64 minutes of music recorded by a professional Hollywood studio orchestra and choir, composed by David Allen Young, an experienced composer and gamemaster of 15 years.

The music covers a diverse range of subject matter, providing both inspirational themes as well as suitable background music for various game settings. Every aspect of a typical gaming session was accounted for. The CD features music that can be used for travel, combat, dungeon exploration, story-telling, introducing or highlighting heroes, villains, cities, and monsters, as well as marching to war or resting at camp (while calculating experience points).

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