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When the black metal band Sereneless split up in ‘98, LacrimaS (keyboards) didn’t want to stop making music, so he came up with the idea to make dark instrumental music. LacrimaS first started with a project like Mortiis, called Trollrath; music inspired by Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. But with the purchase of some new sound equipment and after some experience with programming, certain compositions didn’t really fit with the idea and atmosphere of Trollrath any more. So LacrimaS decided to bring a new project to life, with its own sound and story (playing in the 16th and 18th century, based on historical facts).
A full length demo was recorded in LacrimaS’ own little home-studio (2001). Quality is good and reactions were positive.
After a period of silence around Encryption, inspiration and motivation got a big boost because of some very positive reactions and ideas from certain people (thanks Jan Yrlund!). In November 2002, female vocalist Klaartje joined Encryption, giving it all more atmosphere and character.
Finally, as if things couldn’t get any better… Encryption got a contract offered by Waerloga Records. There could be no better label, since Waerloga ONLY focuses on Medieval and Fantasy inspired atmospheric music, and they are very true to their cause. A fantastic cooperation is the result and hopefully will remain so for many releases to come!
The music of Encryption is especially for those who occasionally enjoy classical compositions that create a certain dark gothic atmosphere (put out the light, light a few candles and enjoy the music …).

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