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A.k.a "Miro Laiho, Niko Kelkka, Paul Houseman, Tapsa Kuusniemi, Peter Roe, Karri Neenberg and Hannu Honkonen"

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We produce premium music of epic proportions for motion picture, TV and new media advertising. Epic North Music houses some of the best film and TV composers in Finland for a genuine fantasy, action and epic adventure sound from the North.
Epic North Music is the only dedicated trailer music house located in Finland. Therefore we are also the best one in here. While our music has genuine "Hollywood" standards of production, we want to create music that has "out-of-the-box" thinking, memorable melodies and ideas that stand out from the generic music libraries. We consider trailer music a unique artform, and in a traditional Finnish fashion, we take it dead seriously.
While the composers and producers of this library bring together huge amounts of experience from the film industry, Epic North Music is a newcomer in the market. So, feel free to browse through the site, spread the word, listen to our music and read all about us!

Official site: epicnorthmusic.com


Victor Emanuel

Victor Emanuel 2 December, 2016 at 19:23 1

Awesome job guys. Hope to create something like that i Norway as well:)

Most played songs

1Cyber Viking 194
2Save This World 191
3Interceptor 182
4The Wild Giant 181
5Extremis 178
6Rebellion 178
7War Machine 178
8Onslaught 177
9Black Star 176
10Rise 175
11The New King 175
12The Void Calls 175
13Tiberius 175
14Battlescars 174
15Evade 169
16Odin 169
17Vertigo 169
18Gunmetal 168
19Iron Warriors 167
20Legion 167

Most popular songs

1The Wild Giant 4.5
2Vertigo 4.5
3Battlescars 4.3
4Black Star 4.3
5Eliminator 4.3
6Monsters From the Deep 4.3
7Odin 4.3
8The New King 4.3
9This Is the Future 4.3
10Tiberius 4.3