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Sometimes it seems as if there was nothing much left to discover in the music scene. These are the times when one comes across exciting projects like those of the Hamburg-based band Erdenstern. The three musicians exchanged the sound of electric guitars and drums for that of strings and kettledrums and the simple structure of rock songs for complex symphonic composition and arrangement.

The musical universe of Erdenstern can best be described as a crossover of classical and medieval-folkloristic elements on the level of contemporary movie soundtracks. Their musical approach is in the narrative tradition of many classical composers - atmospheres and images are created and the listener is taken onto a fantastic and adventurous journey. Therefore, Erdenstern's music does not only appeal to friends of the fantastic genre and role playing gamers, but is also welcomed by movie- and radio-play productions.

Erdenstern's debut album "Into The Green" was released last autumn and deals with "green" themes in an enchanted world - green meadows, wide plains, outstretched swamps and mighty forests. On their journey, the listener meets jolly townsfolk and strange creatures, crosses mystical countries and fights evil monsters.

The three musicians' project can hardly be called an insiders' tip any longer - the response home and abroad has been affirmative throughout. Andreas Petersen, Eva-Maria Irek and Per Dittmann compose, arrange and produce the music all by themselves and release it under their own label. The Cover design shows that the three have been a fertile team in their main job as graphic and multimedia designers even before they set out together for the accoustic imagery of their soundtracks.

The journeys have just begun, Erdenstern tell us, the next adventure is already planned.
Fantastic music for the adventure in your mind.

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