A.k.a "Meri Korhonen, Jenni Torni, Noora Rämö, Petrus Makkonen, Visa Forsblom, guitar Maija Palojärvi"

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Halda is an Eastern Finnish, acoustic group which creates dark, atmospheric music in different languages and styles, mainly drawing from fantasy themes and literature, folk music and neoclassical music. With our songs we wish to tell stories, taking the listener to another time, place and realm. We are inspired by the magical, the etherial and the fantastic - especially the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Official site: mikseri.net/halda
Facebook: facebook.com/halda.music


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Most played songs

2Farewell to Lorien
3Forlorn Song
5The Mire

Most popular songs

1Believe 4.5
2Bound 4.0
3Forlorn Song 4.0
4The Mire 4.0
5Farewell to Lorien 3.0