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Born in England in 1978, Hetoreyn's early interest in film music began when he was very young. As an avid film viewer, he was especially inspired by the music of Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, and John Williams. By the age of 16 as a self-taught pianist, he decided to begin writing his own compositions. He enrolled at Weston-super-mare (UK) College of Technology to study drama, acting and music, where he developed new skills in studio techniques and midi sequencing that would propel him into the wider world of musical composition. In 1999, he graduated from college with diplomas in BTEC Performing Arts and Music Technology.

Currently living in Vancouver BC, Canada as a Canadian citizen and enjoying working with many different film groups and people including Farragut Films (Starship Farragut), Vancouver B Movie Factory (a Shaw TV show), Aaron Merke (Comedy), Astra Crompton (Fantasy Stories), and many more.

Most of Hetoreyn's work can be found on the iTunes music store and at your favourite Digital Stores. CD's are available from CD Baby.com

Official site: hetoreyn.com
Twitter: @hetoreyn
Soundcloud: hetoreyn
Facebook: https://facebook.com/Hetoreyn


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very nice! enjoyable and meaningfull.

listening to it right now.

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