Tales of the Thorns

By HetoreynSpotify (2011)


"Tales of the Thorns" is an album that chronicles the dangerous odyssey of the 'Vile Thorns', a band of rogues. On a journey from their homelands they have uncovered the plan of the evil Ice King to destroy the world so that he might ascend to become a god. In doing so the world will shatter and nothing will survive. And so the Thorns set about to save their home world from obliteration. Trekking amongst treacherous mountains of Ice, and evil forsaken foes they battle their way deep into the ice kingdom running against armies of the undead and time itself. This tale is told in the style of a film/game score. So put on your best headphone, disconnect the phone, close your eyes, and hear the thrilling themes of the Vile Thorns as they adventure through the realms of dreams and imagination. A symphonic adventure.
Composed and performed with the Vienna Symphonic Library, Hetoreyn's latest Opus "Tales of the Thorns' promises a roller coaster ride of drama, heroism and fun filled adventure. Primarily a musical story of the guild 'Vile Thorns', but also music for role-play and gaming. A short role-play based story will be posted soon on Hetoreyn's website which gives a deeper explanation of the music. But we feel that the listener should also be able to hear the music without too much explanation so that the imagination is allowed full reign to enjoy the adventure.

More of Hetoreyn's music can be found here on CD baby and also from his website: www.hetoreyn.com Hetoreyn is currently involved in writing modern symphony and continues to blur the lines of film music and symphony to bring a new generation of orchestral music lovers the kind of music they would hope to hear in the 21st century.


1. Opening Fanfare 3.50 **** Spotify
2. Undeath 2.47 **** Spotify
3. Elven City 3.05 **** Spotify
4. Theme for a Thorn 1.47 **** Spotify
5. The mission begins 1.49 **** Spotify
6. No survivors 4.16 **** Spotify
7. The Ice lands 1.12 **** Spotify
8. Treacherous climb 3.59 **** Spotify
9. Continuing the quest 1.23 **** Spotify
10. Raiding the portal 3.53 **** Spotify
11. Good luck Thorns 3.08 ****
12. Shockwave & Avalanche 3.32 ****
13. Alive 2.21 *** Spotify
14. The first attempt 2.26 **** Spotify
15. Lament for a lost Thorn 1.17 ****
16. Eve of War 4.15 **** Spotify
17. War & the second attempt 2.15 **** Spotify
18. Aerial Combat 5.37 **** Spotify
19. Thorns to the rescue 2.29 **** Spotify
20. The farewell 2.18 **** Spotify
21. To adventures bold 2.43 **** Spotify


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