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Let's do away with pretense here and just admit that I'm writing about myself. I love music. I love originality. Ever-striving to create something unique and sometimes getting a little lost in the process but I've learned to stop apologizing for what comes out of it. I don't do this for a living, I do this because I can't not do it. It's who I am. The reason I started this website wasn't to get famous or win awards or even make money. I started it because I hope that the music I write will bless someone who listens to it. So, listen if you get the chance. Yahweh has placed gifts in all of us. Let what He has placed in me ignite what He has placed in you.

This is the precursor to the first all-instrumental album I hope to release soon. I like the idea of instrumental music because it allows people to attribute their own meaning to the music. The Holy Spirit gives me the inspiration to shape the music. My desire is that the songs spark vision in those who hear them much the same way as it does for me. The concept for City of Dreams came as way of encompassing the many possible interpretations presented by this collection. I think of it as an analogy for the Kingdom of Heaven; A spiritual place from whence all Yahweh's dreams and visions emanate and seek out those who would make a way and a place for them to be manifested.

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1China Autumn 4.2
2The Cave and The Tree 4.2