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I have been composing music professionally for over 16 years, the last twelve almost exclusively in video games. I've seen and have been part of many changes in video game development since late 1995, and through it all, have been fortunate enough to work with some of the brightest, most creative, hard-working people in the industry. I've also been very excited to have my music reach millions of listeners. I am now the Audio Director at Tilted Mill Entertainment, where our team has just finished Simcity Societies.

Before joining Tilted Mill, I worked at Impressions Games (Sierra Studios) from 1995-2002 on various strategy and city-building games for the PC.

Prior to game audio, I had been involved in music and sound design for radio, television, and multimedia at The Troupe (formerly Airwaves Digital Audio) under my "Sonic Mentor", Joel Schwelling. I also had a stint in research and development at Fostex, working with and learning a great deal from the former members of of the Synclavier research team.

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Most played songs

1Life 336
2Order 331
3Water 323
4Earth 319
5Fire 317
6Chaos 309
7Death 306
8Air 301

Most popular songs

1Earth 4.3
2Order 4.2
3Air 4.1
4Water 3.9
5Death 3.7
6Life 3.7
7Fire 3.6
8Chaos 3.5